The digital actor technique is an innovative step of BITONE on virtual character field. This technique can be used to create characters that live in digital world, such as stand-in in movies, figures who can interact with people and even bring classical figures that have passed away back to life on real stage.

In 2014, after the first application of VR technology in auto industry, BITONE has started a new challenge on visual technologies: digital actor.

DIGITAL ACTOR is a special technique developed by the R&D team of BITONE, BITONE-RIM. We use world-leading scanning technique to rebuild digital characters on computer and try to endow the characters with spirit, like personalities, hobbies, and features…Via advanced digital actor simulating technique, the user can restore any human’s performance including facial expressions, body language, and even special effects like aging accurately in the virtual world, and apply it to VR, video production, exhibitions, virtual social media and other fields.

By the virtue of RIM Digital Actor technique and holographic projection, we can bring popular artists who have passed away back to life on stage for fans to re-experience beautiful memories with their idol, and help living actors or important people to create a role as their perfect stand-in in the virtual world.


VR interactive experience

Put characters in VR experience to interact with audiences can make the experience more attractive and promote the public image of artists and actors.


In dangerous or sci-fi scenes, digital actorcan be used as stand-inof real actors to finish the shooting.

Bring classic characters back to life

Via digital actor technique, we can bring dead classical characters back to life on screen or stage to interact with audiences. It can be used on launch events, exhibitions, etc. to improve onsite effects by the influence of the character.

Creative special effect

Lots of special effects can be achieved through digital actor technique, such as aging, changing look, changing appearance, etc.


Our advantages

Successful practices: amazing practice on Acura NSX launch event attracts lots of attention across the whole industry.

Independently-owned technique

Independently developed digital actor technique that integrates domestic and foreign advanced technologies.

CGI strength

Mature and outstanding CGI production level as the best guarantee of premium output.