BITONE & PIXYZ: Collaboration Creates Excellence

Release time:2018-08-17 / Client:BITONE

The comprehensive strategic cooperation of BITONE and PIXYZ, the well-known French software developer has officially started!

BITONE will be responsible for the promotion and sales of PIXYZ products and solutions in China and South Korea market.


Collaboration creates powers

PIXYZ has been focusing on developing CAD data optimization, ultimate CAD file viewer, and cross-platform data simplification solutions. By the virtue of industry-leading data simplification technology and algorithm, PIXYZ has applied its software in various fields including architecture and automotive.

During the past ten years of offering visualization solutions for OEM clients, BITONE has successfully applied mature viz technology into the full life cycle of the product, meanwhile been developing solutions on integrated application of digital data assets. In order to offer highly efficient services with the advantages of visualization, BITONE focuses on how to shorten decision-making period in the design stage and reduce consumption during manufacturing via visualization.


BITONE CEO YE Qing and PIXYZ Global Sales Director Thierry Desroy

Collaboration creates efficiency

In order to lay a solid foundation for marketing and sales department, and be reliable with high efficiency, based on BITONE's deep understanding of digitalization application combining with PiXYZ's high-efficiency data processing platform, we can provide our clients with different application scenarios which could achieve instant data liberation at will and secure the continuity of brand management and product development.

"In collaboration with PiXYZ, we aimed to provide our clients with sophisticated, professional and precise consulting services on automated data preparation workflow and marketing scene application solutions, which will help our clients to manage visual assets in a more integrated way. While offering premium services and products, we will also invest more into developing solutions and improving technical support, training services and etc…to upgrade the quality of visualization to the extreme.” YE Qing, the CEO of BITONE stated.

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