Chaos Group interview with BITONE CEO YEQing: Break all limits !

Release time:2018-03-30 / Client:Chaos Group

BITONE, a world-leading visualization solution supplier, which has been winner and nominee for Cannes, ROI and other well-known international awards with its premium works that have been called a perfect combination of CGI and art.

Recently, we interviewed the CEO of BITONE, Mr. YE Qing. He explained us the enchanted story of BITONE and CG.



Chaos Group: First of all, please give us a brief introduction of BITONE.

BITONE YE Qing: Hello everyone, I am YE Qing. BITONE is a professional visualization solution supplier. We have an experienced CG production team, by the virtue of special creatives and techniques of CG, live shots, VR, digital actor… offers customized marketing image and interactive solutions for the full life cycle of products. In the last ten years, BITONE has offered virtual image application service for over 55 well-known domestic and international auto OEMs including Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Audi, Infiniti, NextEv, Hongqi, etc. becoming the virtual image solution supplier that has served the most auto brands globally.

Chaos Group: What do you think makes BITONE special?


BITONE YE Qing: With the goal to break the limits between imagination and reality, BITONE has been focusing on CG since its establishment. It drives us to keep innovating and absorbing world-advanced technologies and theories. We are trying to integrate technique and art seamlessly with profound foresight, technique advantages and rich experience.

Chaos Group: In your opinion, what kind of works are successful?


BITONE YE Qing: I think successful works not only realize BITONE’s values, but also help the client in a practical way. For each project is a piece of artwork to us, from storyboard, execution to delivery, we elaborate every link carefully. So far, more than 10 brands have established over three-year cooperation with BITONE baed on entire trust and appreciation.

Chaos Group: BITONE has done a lot of fantastic works. Can you introduce some representative projects to us?


BITONE YE Qing: For CGI, We have done innumerable projects that we are proud of, including the viral video trilogy for Audi A4L, which has attracted a lot of attention on the internet, premium and luxurious Mercedes Benz Maybach film, and the debut film of the new generation of HongQi concept car. Better yet, The feather version of Audi A4L viral video was nominated for the Best Business Creative Award of the ROI festival. Regarding interactive projects, we applied the impressive digital actor technique into vehicle launch event for the first time in China by bringing the Racing Legend Senna Ayrton back to “life” with digital actor technique. Senna travelled from the past in a classic NSX to the launch event of the new generation of Acura NSX and revealed the new vehicle together with the General Manager of Honda China MIZUNO Yasuhide. For VR virtual reality, we developed an immersive driving simulator for NextEv EP9 which was exhibited on the Shanghai Auto Show. With a realisitic reappearance of a part of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, the environment, visual effect and even graffitis on the walls, the experiencer can entirely immerse in the racing experience and feel the strong performance of EP9 in a direct way. This innovative and unique experience attracted tons of people and was one of the most polar items on the Auto Show.



Audi A4L Viral Video – Feather Version


Mercedes Benz Maybach Video


   Digital Actor Technique Brings Racing Legend Senna Ayrton Back to Life

蔚来汽车EP9 VR虚拟驾驶.jpg

NextEv EP9 VR Driving Simulator

The product Experience Film BITONE made for NextEv EVE was a combination of real shots and CGI, delivering the design theory of “the second living room”. BITONE visualized the concept car that doesn’t even exist in reality and delivered its features and highlights accurately. The top managers of NextEv highly evaluated this film and wrote us a thank you letter. The debut event of EVE was reported by many well-known international media such as “Today America”, “Forbes”, “Mashable” and “The Verge”… and attracted global attention.



NextEv EVE Product Experience Film

Chaos Group: We know rendenring is a very important link of CG production. Can you tell us how does BITONE keep the high quality output in this link?

BITONE YE Qing: With CGI, we can turn imagination into reality, and during the process, rendering can decide the final quality of the output. At present, the standards for production period, efficiency, and quality keep improving in the CG industry, meanwhile the requirement for rendenring is also updating. Following the trend, we adopted V-Ray of Chaos Group to improve the link of rendenring. V-Ray enables our production team to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Chaos Group: How do you understand the development of CG industry, and what influence does BITONE have in it.


BITONE YE Qing: As one of the industry-leaders, we provide professional visualization solutions to our clients. To follow the ever-developing industry trends and client requirements, we will keep upgrading and innovating our services. Besides, with the best resources, rich experience and professional team, BITONE will help the industry to grow in a healthy way by nurturing more professional CG talents and producing more world-leading works.