Mercedes Benz VR Showroom – virtual interactive experience

VR Showroom is a virtual interactive experience product independently developed by BITONE on the basis of the changing VR technology and our own auto CGI advantages. By the immersive experience created by VR Showroom, we can meet the offline presentation demands of many auto brands in different application scenes.

After the user wears the VR equipment, he will find himself in a two-storey exhibition hall. He is able to observe the new Mercedes-Benz model closely in 360 degrees by changing positions.

The user can walk around the car to check its appearance and configuration, open the car door to get into the car, and view every interior detail such as steering wheel, skylight, seats, trunk size…and even the gloss of the leather seats.

After experience every detail of the car, the user can also interact with it by changing exterior color and wheels, etc.

Until now, the VR Showroom of BITONE has been applied in many offline scenes, such as auto show events, experience centers, presentation for high-end clients, and Zhuhai Aviation Show, and has created lots of outstanding VR interactive marketing solutions.